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DuFour's cleaners does a full array of alterations, repairs and custom sewing, such as hems, zippers, tears, etc. From leather repairs to custom reweaving. Don't throw away that expensive suit just because you tore it, have it re woven! They can actually reweave the fibers of most woven fabrics. We also do uncommon repairs. If you have a repair we can probably fix it.


DuFour's cleaners can clean every kind of floor rug. From rubber or vinyl to hand made Persian rugs made from sheep and goats wool. We have many options in cleaning from dry cleaning to wet cleaning to cleaning them by hand.


DuFour's cleaners can dry clean or launder your garments priced by the pound at less cost to you. It is a way to get those "dry clean only" garments done affordably. We also do wash/dry/fold priced by the pound. Bulk clean items returned folded, hung, or bagged with no delinting or special packaging to preserve the finishing.


Do you know that all dry cleaners are not the same? Do you know that there are only 10 certified dry cleaners in over 200 shops in Minnesota? DuFour's employs 2 of them. DuFour's cleaners cares about it's customers, their cloths and the environment. We have certified technicians through the international fabrication institute's certification program. The program is an extensive academic testing course to teach dry cleaner's to be the best they can be in the industry. This covers topics about the environment and how to protect it. We believe that one of the primary keys to promoting an environmentally safe operation is to first understand what an environmentally safe operation is. The drycleaner who has earned the C.E.D. Designation has made a commitment to the consumer by keeping abreast of the constantly changing rules and regulations designed to protect the environment and the public.


We offer services to business from rug rentals, specialized rug sales, such as color and your company's name on them. DuFour's offers walk off rug rentals for your home or office. Weekly, biweekly, monthly, or seasonal rates. No contracts involved. DuFour's can clean your bulk laundry such as mop heads, towels, work gloves, filters, etc. We also dry clean leather gloves, shop towels, aprons, etc. DuFour's recycles commercial accounts garments. We believe recycling helps save our environment. If you would like more information please call 507-645-7600 and someone will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.


We clean household draperies, wall hangings, valences. If you can take it down, we can clean and press it for you. Unfortunately, we are unable to clean fabrics that have permanent hardware on it, such as shades.


DuFour's takes great pride in their work. Your wedding gowns are all cleaned by hand by an expert to get them back to original as possible. If you like, and we recommend, to have them boxed for storage. The gowns are folded with acid free tissue in layers. Each has a bodice placed in them to keep their shape. Arms are stuffed with tissue. They are placed in an acid free box with a viewing window. This box is then placed in yet another box. All of the materials we use are acid free to keep your garment preserved. Veils and other special memory pieces can be place in the box also. We always recommend that you store your dress box flat (as well as your dress that you don't have boxed). They are also to be kept from extreme heat and cold. Use a large plastic bag to put your dress box in for a water barrier, but let breath. We also have a historical preservation( sealed form) for a slightly higher price. We also have acid free mini boxes for christening gowns or that special something. We accept gowns through the mail. Pay by phone with Visa or Mastercard. Call us @ 507-645-6403 to help expedite your order.


We offer services to business from rug rentals, specialized rug sales, such as color and your company's name on them. DuFour's offers walk off rug rentals for your home or office. Weekly, biweekly, monthly, or seasonal rates. No contracts involved. We don't make you spend more than you want to.


We clean leather and suede coats, pants, blouses, etc. We have every type of leather cleaning available. We are also able to repair leather and suede. We can spray your leathers to bring the "new" look back to them.


DuFour's offers a wide variety of starches for laundered shirts, jeans, and fatigues. You can have your laundered shirts done with no, light, medium, or heavy starch, on a hanger or in a box(great for traveling). Your jeans and fatigues can also be done with the same starches. In order for Saturday pick up, shirts, jeans and fatigues have to be in by Thursday p.m. But for those of you who need a special... We'll do our best.


Need a little extra room? Let DuFour's store it for you. We store clothing, furs, blankets, etc. Great for students who don't want to take it all home. You are charged by the total value of what you are storing.


DuFour's has same day service. We generally can clean a garment within an hour. If your garment needs special spotting, this may take a little longer. This same day service is also available Saturday mornings September 7 through may.


We offer pickup and delivery. Call us @ 507-645-6403 and tell us what you would like. We will more than happy to fill your needs. Sorry, this is for Northfield customers only.


We can and will hand wash (wet side) those delicate hand washables if you prefer. Most hand wash are dry cleanable. Some times your dry clean only needs to be wet cleaned due to certain types of stains. We are experts at this procedure. There are also times when you may get chap stick in your laundry and get it all over your cloths, we have good luck getting this out through the dry clean method. We can also correct most of your color bleeds on your laundered garments. Please never dry your garment when this happens. It's best to let it hang dry and bring it to your dry cleaner. We are also able to remove odors out of your laundered garments.


DuFour's cleaners are experts with fire orders. We process our fire and pet orders through several processes to insure the best quality. We will continue to go through those processes more than once to reach our high standards. We can work with your insurance agent so you don't have to.


DuFour's offers a no hassle way of doing business with commercial or business accounts. We will guarantee a price and if you chose to cancel your service with us you are free to do so with no messy contracts or hidden charges.

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